DIY Shoe Rack


We know you’re not the only one who’s tired of scattered shoes that you are constantly tripping over, and of course, you’re nervous about the clutter and mess around you! You’re literally drowning in your shoes constantly searching for more closet space, but don’t want to spend a lot of cash on expensive shoe racks, right?

We’ve discovered a few great space saving solutions! There are plenty of Do It Yourself (DIY) storage racks. Here are the best ones that we’ve found, which can save you time and money because they’re really easy to make. Ready to get a new shoe organizer? Add one of these tutorials to your “DIY shoe rack list”!

1. A creative new use for wall moldings


This DIY organizer will work well with your high-heels. Buy some inexpensive crown molding (to your taste) at your local hardware store. Choose the number of rows you want. Use a chop saw to cut them to the length you need or ask one of the staff at the store to do this for you. Paint the moldings to the color you think will fit your closet. Use anchors or screws to mount strips to the wall. You can use a double sided tape as an alternative, but it won’t work with heavy shoes. Enjoy your budget-friendly heels organizer!

2.Towel Bars

Also, budget-friendly and really simple DIY tutorial that anyone can handle! You’ll only need a place to store your shoes and bygel rails (a.ka. towel bars and available in any Ikea store for ~$3 each). Paint the rails (if wooden) to your taste and mount them to the wall. Simple but very useful! See how it works.

3. Shoe Ladders

Using a simple ladder is a great idea to organize and store your shoes. You can use an old ladder found in your garage, buy a used one at your favorite weekend flea market or get a new one. If you are a vintage style lover – get a wooden ladder! It will work in a casual style home. Or you can paint it to your taste. Just use your creativity!

4. Pallet Shoe Rack

This is a very functional and easy-to-make shoe storage solution. Where to find a pallet? Pallets are basically used in the shipping industry, so you can visit any warehouse or big grocery store around your area and they will likely give it to you for free. Firstly, clean it well, choose your favorite colors or patterns and paint it as you wish! You can decorate it with different items according to your home design. For more vintage looks you can varnish your wooden pallet frame.

5. Pipe shoe organizer

This is a really interesting and creative shoe rack! If you want your home to look exclusive unique – this idea is for you! Buy a 4 or 6-inch diameter PVC pipe and ask one of the store staff to cut it for you. Wash the logs to get all the scuff marks off. Sand all of the rough edges with fine-grit sandpaper. After that, you can paint or cover them with wallpaper. Make sure the logs dry out completely. Now you can glue and clamp them together – using PVC glue. Leave them dry out again before usage so the glue is completely dry. Enjoy your new, beautiful shoe organizer!

One of these cool DIY shoe racks will surely help you get rid of the unsightly pile of shoes in your home and save you a lot of time finding the matching pair! Don’t forget to think creatively and make your home design not only functional but attractive too! What fun!


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