Steve Jobs – He who closed the world into an apple

May the man who changed the world forever Rest In Peace. 

First he redefined an apple then closed the world into it. Steve Jobs was one of us. The ultimate anti-establishment rebel who became the establishment, yet refused to play by anyone else’s rules. A geek kid from California who dropped out of college, played with electronics in his garage, and over the course of his 56 years, changed the world forever. I’m not a big fan of smart phones but yes, I’m a big big fan of Steve Jobs. He was incredible. Jobs’ fans and admirers are paying tribute to him today in whatever ways they know how, and here are some of the best.
Spontaneous memorials are popping up at Apple Stores all over the world. This is one of the best and most artful pictures of this I’ve seen.
Apple HQ honored its fallen founder by lowering its flags to half mast.

19-year-old Jonathan Mak poses with his silhouette design that’s spread like wildfire across the Internet in the wake of Jobs’ death.
A perfect symbol for the sentiments of many.
This artist used the Apple icon as a paint brush to create this striking portrait.
A nicely done “Sketch-A-Day” tribute. 

Popular blog created one of the most clever tributes to Jobs on the Web by temporarily altering their design to resemble an old school Mac.
 “Stay hungry, stay foolish” is quickly becoming Jobs’ best-known quote.


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