Now You Can Put Seal On Your Toast!


Today, I will talk about new innovation and concept “bread toast printer”. The toast printer is a kitchen gadget. It’s used to seal any image, text etc. on the bread or we can say it “prints out” toast.

First, I would like to talk about “Internet Scan Toaster” that is presented by Electrolux. Designer Sung Bae Chang has given rise to a printer that can download content such as images, text, tables etc from the internet and reproduce them on a bread toast. Though it looks like a sandwich maker it’s actually a toaster that can print any content on a toast.

The Scan Toaster is the first one to pull images from the web. Rather than getting the news or weather from your phone, computer or television in the morning, you can get it from your toast. The Scan Toaster “prints” pixels of toast, using various degrees of heat to create light and dark values. Unfortunately, this concept by Electrolux never made it out of the design phase, but the technology is theoretically doable.

The next toaster allows you to feed multiple slices at once from the feeder at the top, and spits out finished products from the bottom. It’s designed by a Swiss-based industrial designer Othmar Muehlebach. The toaster looks similar to a desktop ink-jet printer. Sliced bread is stacked and fed into the design from the top, it’s then toasted and ejected onto the base.

The next one’s a little jobber called the Zuse from Inseq Design. It’s a wall-mounted toaster that burns little pictures into the toast. The Zuse Toast Printer uses an optical sensor, and it is inspired by the early dot matrix printers, and it will burn pictures into your toast in a 12 pixel by 12-pixel resolution by diligently marking line by line. The Zuse Toast Printer can store up to twelve different images in the toasters memory, so you can print out some cool pictures on your toast every morning.


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