Egg Carton Recycling Art

1. Egg Carton House

Stacking up hundreds of reused egg cartons like Lego blocks, Australia-based studio Goldenhen built a life-sized home called “The Original Dream”. Considered the first “Eggo” installation exhibition, the egg carton home was modeled after Howard Arkley’s well-known painting, Family Home: Suburban Exterior 1993, which is considered the Australian dream of suburban living. Goldenhen reimagined the dream home using recycled and colored egg cartons and egg trays that bring a whole new meaning to the catch phrase, “Leggo my Eggo.”
2. EggCubism
With his egg cubism — paintings drawn on recycled egg cartons — Dutch artist Enno de Kroon forces his viewers to change their perspective, with stunning results.
3. Egg Carton Lamp
This a cute garland of egg carton flowers with white Christmas lights. You could even spray paint the cartons. (I love spray paint) Tutorial here.
4. Egg Carton Table
Atema Architecture’s ‘Auto-Cannibalistic Table’ is made out of egg cartons, flour paste, soil and seeds. When water is added, the seeds germinate and the table literally eats itself. I’m not sure whether this is a useful piece of recycled furniture or a plant in itself. At this blog we’re interested in places and spaces adaptable to change. I think this is a pretty good example. Although, it never would grow back into a table.
5. Flower Lights from Recycled Egg Cartons
 And here you can learn how to make your own egg-carton flower fairy lights.
6. Footstool
This versatile Good Egg footstool by award-winning industrial designer Inna Alesina is handmade from recycled paper pulp egg cartons and colored with water-based fabric dye (“no varnish or lacquer is used”). It can be used upright or on its side for a relaxing rocking motion and is also designed to make a sturdy base for a coffee table. Alesina is an award-winning industrial designer who looks to “keep the spark of invention alive in each of us.” Via
7. Space Invader Egg Carton Cup Costume
Invade the earth on a budget in this easy to make Space Invader costume. All it takes is some paper cups, egg cartons and a cookie press ray gun. 
8. Egg Carton Couch
9. Sofa
10. Painting
11. Vase
Looking for another inspired reuse for all of those egg-cartons left empty after Easter? New York designer Fanny Chen‘s “Chesta Egg Carton Vase” gives them a creative second life. The cartons that make up the vase are broken into sheets of intersecting polygons. Pieces of symmetrically-arranged carton are connected with hand stitches, and a coat of varnish makes the vase extra-tough. Chen says that her project is inspired by the overlooked beauty in everyday objects as well as a desire to highlight our environmental problems.


 12. Classroom-detail
 13. Egg Carton Painting
14. Egg Carton Flowers
15. Egg Carton Book
This one of a kind blank book is upcycled from a cool green egg carton and paper grocery bags. It is the perfect place to hatch ideas… as a journal or sketchbook or even a place to record your favorite recipes. It is filled with 144 pages of brown paper cut from grocery bags (a few pages show small portions of the red supermarket graphics originally printed on the bags) and it is 4″ x 6″ x 3 3/4″ in size. The cover is created from a paper egg carton. The original egg carton closure has been moved to serve as a closure for the book. Take a look at:
 16. Lighting sets
The original intention here was to show local artisans how reusing materials could become a source of income. Yet, this quickly turned into a passion for Salvadorean designer Eugenio Menjivar. Dancer includes three shades made from egg cartons. The shades sit slightly askew, dancing, on a recycled iron base and held in place with recycled iron rods. You can get your own Dancer in three different colors including violet, lime and black. Via
Egg Carton Flower Pendant Light is a DIY Lighting project. Made from paper pulp egg cartons, this pendant light is promised to give off a soft, beautiful ambient light. Via
 17. Seat
A cool seat made mainly of egg cartons. Not for heavy folks. Via Grynster


 18. Seed Starters
Egg cartons are perfect as seed starters. Just fill each cup with potting soil and plant some seeds. Cut each cup from the tray and plant it after seedlings sprout. Above: Tomato sprouts

Sowing Coriander and Chives

 19. Volkswagen Trucks Ad
“Volkswagen Trucks. For every kind of load” is a print advertising campaign by advertising agency from Sao Paulo, Brazil named ALMAPBBDO. Copywriter: Eduardo Andrietta. Art Directors: Marcus Kawamura, Ary Nogueira. Photographer: Hugo Treu. Via publicidad21
20. Eggcubism Village Party
Completed in December 2008 and titled Village Party this new monumental masterpiece by Dutch artist Enno de Kroon is sized 154 x 209 x 24 cm and made of acrylic and egg cartons. If you are a regular reader at CultCase you may have already stumbled The Art of Junk: 7 Creative Approaches to Trash Reuse and met De Kroon. From his studio at Rotterdam, The Netherlands, De Kroon leads a new wave in reuse art and helps taking cubism into the 21st century. (Re)using ordinary egg crates for canvas De Kroon makes spectacular “two-and-a-half” dimensional paintings in a style he defines as Eggcubism. Above: A frontal view studio shot of Village Party. Below: details (cut by the artist).
According to De Kroon:
“The egg carton works came about out of my previous work where I find the relationship between the viewer and the piece as an object to be of great importance. I’ve always played with distortions of perspective, which puts the viewer on the wrong foot and makes them conscious of their manner of observing. The way we see things is so conditioned and decides what our minds eventually see in something. The egg cartons had been lying around my studio for some time ready for me to be painted upon, but it took some courage before I could take the plunge. It also took a while to come up with a product I was satisfied with.”
No textual explanations had been made available about Village Party so far but, since we asked, De Kroon did provide us with a few words of clarifications about the inspirational roots of it. “Village Party was inspired by open air dinner parties that take place in the village streets of Provence in the south of France.” Says De Kroon “it is a mixture of different perspectives one can have of such parties and the special social relations they involve. Someone has described my technique as “exploding” perspective. I don’t know about that but they are related to Pieter Breugel works.”


21. Dubrovnik
This sculpture is named “Not Montenegro, but Dubrovnik in Croatia” and made from egg cartons. via Greenwich Photography


 22. Mona Lisa
This interesting pixel-like piece is made of cut-out egg cartons and paint. It was first sketched with a pencil and then (“slowly”…) painted. “Took a long time to fully visualize the look of it”. We love it! Via niveakpl


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