Give Yourself a Moment

When there’s something that needs to be done,
give yourself a moment to do it.
When there’s a decision that must be made,
give yourself a moment to think it through.
When life demands a response, give yourself a moment
to find the most positive and meaningful one.
When someone is explaining something to you, give yourself a moment to truly listen and to understand.
Life is made up of many moments, one right after another.
The big outcomes, results and achievements
depend on what you do with all those little moments along the way.
With each moment you can choose to let it pass or
to let it bring you down.
Or, you can decide to make good use of that moment
with positive purpose, value and love.
How many times have you looked back on your life
with regret, and wished you had given yourself a moment to do what could have easily been done?
Now is your opportunity to avoid such future regrets
by recognizing the great value in each moment.
When life is asking something of you, give yourself
a moment to make it right.
And when you add up all those moments,
you’ll find you’ve made life great.


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