10 Steps to Improve Your Memory


Stretch your mind.

I do a crossword puzzle everyday. It forces me to push myself mentally, to see words and phrases in different ways. It also works my skills of recollection. I am convinced this helps my memory. There are tons of puzzles and games you can do. If you don’t like crosswords, try word searches, sudoku or kenken. Some people even believe video games improve memory.

“Scientists are increasingly examining the potential benefits of video games. Their studies are revealing that a wide variety of games can boost mental function, improving everything from vision to memory.” – Emily Anthes, The Boston Globe

Spread out your food and drink intake.

When you overload yourself with food and/or drink, your sugar level spikes. Then shortly thereafter, it drops dramatically. This causes an energy loss that reduces your mental recall. Consuming calories in moderation throughout the day increases (and stabilizes) your mental aptitude.


Exercise increases blood flow to the brain. Studies have shown that exercise reduces the prospect of Alzheimer’s. Exercise also has a calming effect that reduces stress and settles the mind.

Increase your antioxidant consumption.

Foods containing antioxidants – such as berries, broccoli and spinach – have been shown to improve mental function. Ditto for Omega-3 fatty acids (fish!). I can’t say for sure this diet tip will help improve your memory, but it will make you healthier. So no loss there!

Learn memory skills.

It can be fun! I’m not great with names, so I developed a little game to help me recall a person’s name. Whenever I meet a person for the first time, I immediately try to picture a Post-It note with her name stuck to her forehead. For some reason, imagining the name in writing helps me. Hey, it worked for FDR, too!

Develop mnemonics or rhymes.

The combination on my bike lock is 42-32-10. I had trouble remembering it until I made up a goofy statement: “Hey Jim, you don’t look 42. You don’t even look 32. You’re a 10!” Ok, silly. I admit it. But it helps me remember!

Get some sleep.

There’s an expression that “fatigue makes cowards of us all.” We’re never at our best when running on empty. That goes for mental productivity as well.


People often forget things simply because they don’t concentrate enough at the outset. When you’re about to read or learn something important, something worth remembering, take note and focus. That act alone will improve your powers of recall.

Convert important facts into a format that assists your recall.

I am always working to improve my vocabulary, which requires a healthy memory. After all, there’s really no point in learning new words without that ability to pull up words to use as and when you want them. I try to write down new words and definitions as I encounter them. Then I write it in a sentence. This always helps me remember it later.

Don’t stress too much.

Sometimes memory problems occur when we stress about our memory problems. It’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy. We think we don’t have a good memory, so we stress ourselves into not having a good memory. You have a better memory than you think. With these tips, though, you will be able to make it a little better.

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