Spiritual Healthcare


Health is wealth and there’s is doubt about it. It’s a fact that nobody can enjoy life without being healthy. You’re rich if you have good health. Mostly you care a lot about yours physical health, but when it comes to spiritual health care, everyone neglect it. A person’s physical health worth nothing without his spiritual health. Spiritual health is as important as physical health.

Being a human being, silence, happiness, love, and blessings are important aspects of our life. These are the aspects of our soul too. Happiness leads to good health. Nobody can feed it to you, it is only you who can give this medicine to yourself. Some people bring illness to themselves through anger, greed, unfulfilled desires, expectations, suppression of feelings and relationships not based on true love. Look in your heart, you will know where your illness comes from. There are four ingredients for a long and spiritually healthy life:

1: live with attention, but without worry.
2: use time in a worthwhile way.
3: keep your thoughts pure, positive and filled with strength.
4: keep your hopes alive.

Remember, There’s no formula for happiness, no one and nothing can bring happiness to you, but yourself.


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